Fabric Installation, Sonoran Desert, 2006

PROJECT AND DATES: Shelter Design 2002
LOCATION: Taliesin West, Arizona (Scottsdale)
CREDITS: Aaron Kadoch- Design, Richard Garet- Sound Experiment
Construction- Aaron Kadoch and Taliesin Apprentices
Photography : Aaron Kadoch

This project was a design based on a collaborative experience with the sound artist Richard Garet. The structure was meant as a temporary experience to project sounds of the desert, both man made and natural. The fabric is a pink organsa which allows for a wonderful quality of light and air, while providing a spatial enclosure and thus the perfect qualities of transparency.  The structure highlights the form of the mountain, the stones of the desert, and uses it as inspiration and structure. The space is an event space, first and foremost, but it also became a place of contemplation and place to watch the setting sun over the valley of Phoenix.

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