Private Residence, Quechee,VT, 2008- Design-Build


PROJECT AND DATES: Private Residence Remodel and Addition, 2008-2010
LOCATION: Quechee, Vermont, USA
CREDITS: Aaron Kadoch- Design and Construction
Photography : Aaron Kadoch

This project was an exercise in maximizing space efficiency, construction cost, and sustainable integration within strict exterior design guidelines established by a local community association with strict  “Vermont Vernacular” and “New England” style standards. The two story portion of the home was originally built in 1980 as a slab on grade construction with 2×4 studs and inadequate insulation, heating and cooling mechanisms. The home was dark and dank, the site overgrown and light was a missing factor in the atmosphere. After a complete gutting of the home, new structure and an opening of spatial volumes, as well as a 1 story addition, the home has been transformed into a “Scandinavian-Vermont Modern”  cottage home, with many sustainable features. The walls have been beefed up to standard construction with recycled blue jean insulation and urethane foam for weather sealing all seams. All windows were replaced with high performing Low U- windows which maximize existing openings with completely new space layouts. (Original home had kitchen and living on the second floor with bedrooms down below. The new layout is flipped) Radiant floor heating was installed along with high efficiency- panel radiators, all run on an instant on-demand system, eliminating the need for a water heater and tank. The home takes maximum advantage of natural passive cooling and heating strategies with both optimal solar exposure and natural heat sink cooling with thermal mass principles. Natural local materials were used throughout, with the use of local pine and slate,granite as well as sustainably grown bamboo. The cottage is a perfect winter and summer retreat.

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