Private Residence, St. Paul, MN

PROJECT : Private Residence, St. Paul, MN, 2003
LOCATION : In the historic architectural center near Summit Avenue in the heart of ST. Paul, MN
CREDITS : Design Build : Aaron Kadoch

The site of this private residence was a challenging, narrow and steep lot, inspiring a home that rises incrementally in 4 levels. Each level is connected by elevator, stair and an open atrium. At the top one can look out across the Mississippi river valley or down into the levels below. The design takes advantage of modular thermal and structural systems employing insulated concrete forms (ICF) on all exterior walls, a SIP panel roof system and exposed prefabricated steel scissor trusses. This system of construction allowed for faster and cost effective construction appropriate for the Northern cold climate of Minnesota. The home has a contemporary, elegant and spatial feel on the inside while maintaining a historic presence within a historic architectural context. Just above the site, sits the ruins of a Cass Gilbert mansion and the stone relics are the direct design and color inspiration for the exterior stone cladding.

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