Private Residence, Northampton, MA


PROJECT : Private Residence, Northampton, MA, 2006-2007
LOCATION: Along the banks of the Connecticut River
CREDITS: Artist and Principle : Michael Singer, Project Manager and Designer: Aaron Kadoch, Engineering : Calen Colby, Oest Assoc., Builder : Renaissance Builders, Photography : David Stansbury

This 5000 square foot house is modern collage of unique artistic, structural, functional, sustainable and natural elements. The desire to re-use an existing foundation and minimize added site costs was a founding design constraint and opportunity in one. The steep banks of the river in back of the house made for both exciting views and a sense of weightlessness, however to cantilever the deck and subsequent screen room required both technical and creative ingenuity.

The site not only was constricted in back but along the sides as well, and so the organized yet open planning of spaces, on varying levels, required, again creative technical and structural mastery. The net result was a central circulation core designed to filter light into all spaces from above to below and from the sides into the interior. The unique emphasis of structural steel served both design function and form and a certain level of architectural inspiration. Naturally lit rooms and a general sense of openness and oneness with the environment are by products of appropriate material and glazing compositions specifically balanced to create a unified design whole.

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