Sculpture, McCormick Freedom Museum, Chicago, IL, 2005

neurontin cost present PROJECT AND DATES: McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum Sculpture, USA, 2005
LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois, USA
CREDITS: Aaron Kadoch- Design and Construction
Photography : Aaron Kadoch outline

rumalaya forte price еnrich The McCormick Freedom Museum was the first museum in the United States dedicated to the First Amendment by the McCormick Foundation. It was open from April 11, 2006 until March 1, 2009.The museum offered visitors an interactive experience focused on first amendment rights which include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, assembly and petition. It was located on Michigan Avenue along the Magnificent Mile next to the historic Tribune Tower. The design was a winner of the top ten finalists (out of over 30,000 entries) – a paid commission to design and build a prototype model at 1/4 scale. The design is based on the concept of freedom represented in a Free Form- LIbera Forma. Like our young nation, the constitution is an organic and evolving live entity, yet it is based on rigid principles and structures. The overall form is an organic form that twists visually as you walk around it, always changing shape and form, allowing light to filter through. The steel provides the structure for glass panels yet also allows for free flowing movement. The glass represents the fragility of our nation made of often tenuous social structures and emotional human instincts. Yet we are grounded by a constitution- a framework for all of life’s facets which combine history, culture, people and ideas together. At the base of this structure is a multimedia system of back projected glass displaying the stories and histories of our nation, and out of these experiences rises Libera Forma.

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